Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kalyana Mahal, Rajagiri, Senji

I did five sketches on my sketching group's visit to Senji (Gingee) Fort last month (Feb '14).   While on the road to this venue I had made up my mind to move out of my comfort zone (i.e. pen and ink) and do at least a few sketches in colour wielding a brush. But old habits die hard and my first sketch was once again with pen and ink. Before my next sketch I had to remind myself of the resolution I had made and even then I was reluctant to give up my pen. So, although I did use a brush and produce three sketches during this visit in colour, I started each of them with line sketches using a ball point pen.

This one is a sketch of Kalyana Mahal, a several centuries old seven storeyed building within the Rajagiri Precinct of Senji Fort.

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