Friday, 2 May 2014

Mandapam Within Chitrakulam

Mylapore, in Chennai, is a very ancient settlement. The old and the new jostle for space here. Chitrakulam is a small temple tank adjacent to the more famous Kapaleeswarar Temple and my sketch shows a mandapam or small pavilion within this tank. Under ideal conditions this tank would be brimming with water and the mandapam would stand like an island in the centre. But the rains have failed so far and the tank is dry. I sketched this with a gel pen in my pocket sketchbook and added the watercolour at home.


  1. How beautiful! Sadly, today's traffic and constant bustle hardly allow one to stop and admire this lovely mandapam. And yes, wouldn't it look lovely, filled to the brim?

    1. Thank you for the comment.
      In case you missed it, today's TOI has a couple of articles on this subject.